The NYPD Endorses Trump for President

The NYPD NYC Police Benevolent Association (PBA) announced they endorse Trump for President in 2020.

The summer of 2020 the US saw protests and civil unrest in nearly every major city. NYC had two weeks of nightly protests marked by looters breaking into shop windows throughout the city while police cars burned in the streets.

NYPD Police Mass Arrests of Peaceful Protestors

The protests and civil unrest have come to a head after recent videos of deadly police brutality have gone viral and resulted in the public forcing due to tensions between the police and the communities that feel like the police are are violently oppressing minorities.

Tension between civilians and police are tense right all over the country. The Black Lives Matter movement is has been holding the police accountable and putting pressure on politicians to fix policing in the US. 

Trump has not been handling the situation well to say the least.

In an unprecedented action on Friday, the largest NYPD police union comprising roughly 24,000 cops, the NYC Police Benevolent Association (PBA), formally endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection.

The NYPD doing something this extreme at what seems to be the worst possible time is an aggressive move. 

In his announcement Friday, union boss Pat Lynch acknowledged it was almost unheard of for the PBA to endorse for President of the United States, but said current circumstances required it:

“I have 36 years on this job … I cannot remember when we have ever endorsed for the office of President of the United States until now.”

This is highly controversial and people are questioning whether it is appropriate for the largest police department in the world to be publicly endorsing a presidential candidate especially in the current political climate and while NYC had protestors out in the streets almost daily for the past few months demanding the NYPD be de-funded.

Surging crime, violent protests, and disagreements with city leadership have caused police morale to plummet in New York City, which has contributed to retirement filings from police officers soaring by 400%. The NYPD is desperate for support that they are not getting from their local political leaders, which was the likely motivation for this desperate move.

Do we want armed agents of the State, openly supporting a particular politician? How does this affect our political process if we have partisan police forces patroling our cities and even our polling stations, especially when these Government Agents are supporting the candidate who is currently in power?