Summary of New USCIS Public Charge Policy Guidance

Public Charge Rule

New USCIS Policy For Inadmissibility As A Public Charge

Summary of the factors to determine inadmissibility as a public charge

PDF to be posted on the Public Charge Page

*The information provided in this post is a simplified summary of some of the new rules, criteria and determining factors regarding the Public Charge determination of inadmissibility to the US. The factors referenced, public benefits listed, exemptions to the rule discussed are non-exhaustive and not the official lists provided by any government agency, statute, rule, or regulation.

For more information about the New USCIS Policy for Determining Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility:

A Comprehensive Guide to The New Public Charge Grounds of Inadmissibility



The new rule relating to the “Public Charge” ground of inadmissibility, the Final DHS Rule, the relevant statutes, and the USCIS Policy is published on the US Citizenship & Immigration website at: