People are Dying Preventable Deaths in Immigration Detention Centers


Immigrants in ICE custody are dying preventable deaths at alarming rates recently.


On August 5, 2020, two men died in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. One died in a hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and died in his cell of a massive intercranial hemorrhage.

These tragedies increased the total deaths in ICE custody this fiscal year to 17, the highest number since 2006. Many of the deaths that occur in ICE custody are avoidable, there are some who argue all were.

More than twice as many people have died in ICE custody this year than last year. Unfortunately, with 1,065 active COVID-19 cases in ICE detention, that number will likely increase before the fiscal year ends in September. The number of deaths is especially alarming considering the average number of people detained has been significantly lower this year than in recent years.

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