ICE Officer Shoots Brooklyn Man & His Son During An Arrest On West 12th Street Near Quentin Road

From Gothamist Article: An Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer shot someone while on duty at a private residence in Brooklyn, officials confirmed to Gothamist. An officer on the agency's Fugitive Operations Team shot someone on West 12th Street near Quentin Road about 8:10 a.m. Thursday in Gravesend while conducting targeted enforcement, officials said. The officer "discharged at least one firearm in Brooklyn" while trying to arrest Gasper Avendando-Hernandez, a man who had been deported to Mexico twice in 2011, ICE spokesperson Rachael Yong Yow said. ICE officers were "physically attacked" during the attempted arrest, she said. The Daily News reports that a video the newspaper reviewed shows a man struggling with two ICE officers, when another agent zapped him with a Taser. The ICE Officer then shot the man in the face.

ICE says Avendando-Hernandez had a 2011 assault conviction in New York City, though did not detail what the assault was. This week, he was arrested for having a "forged instrument," which the News and ABC 7 reported was a fake Connecticut license plate. Avendando-Hernandez is currently in ICE custody along with another unidentified man. Two ICE officers were also transported to a local hospital for treatment. (The nature of their injuries was not immediately clear.) Before the ICE officer fired a weapon, the officer was trying to detain Avendando-Hernandez, an allegedly undocumented immigrant, when his girlfriend's sons tried to intervene, according to the News. One of the sons, 26-year-old Eric Diaz-Cruz, was the man shot in the face, according to the News. Previously, it was believed two men were shot, but the News later reported that the bullet went through Diaz-Cruz's hand and then hit him in the face. A Fire Department spokesperson said one person was rushed to Maimonides Medical Center with serious injuries from the shooting. Find full article at Gothamist: