DV-2021 Results is going to be provided through the Official website from 05th June 2020 (New Date). Through this website participants can check their results. The out come of the results will be marked as selected or not selected.. Applicants will be allowed to check selection results one by one  under the 2021 Fiscal year American Visa draw. Around 13 – 14 million participants had submitted online entries. Now they are waiting to check their dv results in the official website. To check the results you must have confirmation number starting with 2021 or 2020. Around 100,000 winners will be selected to issue available 50,000 American visas to the selected winners.

If they meet the required eligibility requirements. Applicants must have enough funds to survive in the United States. Or must provide Affidavit of Support from a friend or relative whom should be an American Citizen. Otherwise must be a holder of LPR status from the U.S Department of State. So winning in the draw and getting the visas are separate processing. It means that not the selected winners will get their American Immigrant visas right away.

DV Results Checking Website

The US State Department is operating the Entrant Status Checking Website to provide selection results.

This website used to provide both the DV 2020 Results till 30th September 2020.and DV 2021 Results till 30th September 2021.

After this date, it will provide results for dv2021 till 30th September 2021.



Will the local US Embassy will help me to find my selection results? No, they will not provide assistance in this matter. Therefore don’t contact them.

My confirmation number is lost due to computer malfunction. For instance what I have to do to check my results? In other words  recover the confirmation number by providing the required information. However there is no other way is available to recover it.

The Official website.

DV Results

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